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Some end of the year reflections…wait, what?

Weekend Planner
• Thursday, Jan 6 (7:30 PM): Young Adults Fellowship
• Friday, Jan 7 (7:30 PM): Everglow Youth Fellowship.
• Saturday, Jan 8 (10 AM – 2 PM): Consistory Meeting (for session and deacons). English Leadership Team will also meet
• Sunday, Jan 9: 
— Youth Sunday School (9:30 AM, Fellowship Hall): Breakfast and lunch service
— Sunday REFRESH! (9:45, Conference Room): “Non-verbal Trust Building, part 2.”
— English Worship (11:00 AM, Second Floor). Testimonial Service.
— Ordination and Installation of new Elders and Deacons (12:15, Worship Hall 1).
— Prayer Fellowship (1:30 PM, Main Lobby).

Jan. 5, 2010

Dear Canaan EM sisters and brothers,

What a great year it has been! Wait a minute, it’s only January 5th. Okay, okay – things are going to be better, just you watch and see!

In this update, I’d like to give kudos to Ed Chen for hosting the young adult (and everyone else) party last Wednesday. I look forward to more opportunities to fellowship!

Also, I’d like to meet 2-3 church members each week, beginning the week of January 17th. I call this the “Pastoral Call” – you can call it a chance to have coffee or a meal. The rules of engagement for a pastoral call are simple. You tell me what’s up with you (especially with your spiritual journey, interests, and recent concerns) and I listen attentively and pray with you. We’ll let the Holy Spirit decide what happens next. In the end, I hope to help you find your purpose and calling as a follower of Christ and as a member of the Canaan family.

The hard part – should I call you by phone or email [text] you first? The younger generation are telling me that phone conversations are “so yesterday,” so let me know what you prefer.

Finally, I have a few party/event invites and some prayer requests. I also want to thank


This Sunday – come to REFRESH! and learn how to build trust non-verbally! We meet at 9:45 AM in the Conference Room (not the Main Lobby).

This Sunday – consider sharing a brief testimony during worship service (cf. Monday’s email message).

This Sunday – we seek volunteers to help serve lunch. The English service and youth are scheduled to help. Our youth have been serving – can other help out, too? We especially need help with clean up. Go to the kitchen area around noon time.

Sat. Feb. 5 (5-8 PM): Canaan Open House (a.k.a. the Newcomers’ Dinner). We would like everyone who has been a guest at Canaan this past year to join us for an evening of [almost] fine dining and fun. Please let me know if you’d can come!

Fri. Feb 11 (7:30 PM): Canaan EM Red Carpet night – well, we’ll see. It may be better to move our big Gala to March. This event will be a “tongue in cheek” celebration of our English ministry and will be lots of fun. Imagine that you are attending the Academy Awards celebration – except all the celebrities are… us! 🙂

Feb. 18-21: World Christian Conference
This Friday is the deadline for the early-bird registration for this important Bay Area conference. Come and see what it means to be a missional Christian. Come and find your passion and purpose! I will attend the pastor’s track on Sat. Feb. 19th, so I hope many of us will be there, too!

Mar 3-5: Bay Area Sunday School Convention (a.k.a. BASS).
Nicole has registered Canaan so all of us can attend for free. Come to this annual equipping conference, be inspired and learn how to serve at your best! As an added bonus, Canaan participants can hang out at my house during the convention (my home is very close to Redwood Chapel). More details later!

Check out our church calendar at


Pray for Canaan. We are embarking on the theme “Becoming a Healthy Church.” Pray that God will continue to heal us and lift us up so that we may be bold in our witness for his Kingdom.

Pray for our new leadership. The English Leadership Team will meet at this Saturday’s Consistory and map out our direction for 2011.

Pray for the more volunteers and teachers for our Children’s Sunday School. Canaan is blessed with many children – it seems that God is calling us to become a missional family ministry! So we are always looking for individuals who have a heart for children and want to invest in the next generation.

Pray for people to join the Worship Arts Team and the Prayer and Spiritual Growth Team.

Pray for me! I have a number of outside obligations to fulfill. I would appreciate as much volunteer support for Canaan as possible while I juggle these responsibilities with Canaan. Here are the outside responsibilities (why did I do this to myself?):
– Next week I will teach a one-week intensive course on Asian American Christian history at Logos Evangelical Seminary in the Los Angeles area. See
– Feb 7-8, I will give a presentation at a ministry equipping symposium sponsored by ISAAC and Fuller Seminary in Pasadena called “Asian American History – the Lost Coin.” Details can be found at
– Feb 18: World Christian Conference (Redwood Christian Park)
– Feb 24-26: I will speak and lead workshops at the Evangelical Formosan Church L.A. Bridging Conference in the Los Angeles area
– Mar 6: I will give a workshop at the BASS Convention: see

Needless to say, February will be brutal! So please pray for me to have strength to prep and present – and represent Canaan well!

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Tim Tseng


About Tim Tseng, Ph.D.

I am Pacific Area Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministries. I'm also a historian, theological educator, and pastor.


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