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Sun burnt in Jersey

July 6, 2011

Dear Canaan EMers and friends,

18-mile Long Beach Island [] is a beautiful stretch off the central New Jersey shoreline. Benji was sun-burnt yesterday at the beach and is in a lot of pain. Despite this unfortunate development, this excursion has been a real blessing for me and Betty’s family. Her family has been seeking ways to create a Christ-influenced culture over the years – and it is quite possible that having occasional family reunions may help. Three of four of Betty’s siblings, their spouses, and children took over a bed and breakfast the past couple of days far away from their busy lives. We cooked and ate together, went to the beach together, celebrated grandma’s birthday together, and rested together. Betty and I are a bit tired because we did most of the planning and meal preparations, but we trust that God will use these special moments to encourage the un-churched or inactive Christians in her family to see the reality of Christ’s love. I hope that my side of the family can someday reconnect at a similarly deeper spiritual level, too.

We’ll return to the Bay Area on Thursday and look forward to reconnecting with you, our spiritual family in San Jose!

Tim Tseng, Ph.D.
Pastor of English Ministries
Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church


Taiwan Update #4: July 3, 2011

Hey Canaan!

This is Tim Chuang and I would like to thank all of you for keeping the STM team in your prayers. I can tell that it has made a big difference and I see God working around me everyday.

Today we went to church in the morning with all the aborigines and it was very fun. The aborigines are so full of energy during worship, they sing loud, they clap to almost every song, and try to move around as much as they can. It really brought joy to me just watching people worship God with such positive energy. After church everybody got together in their groups for the Nantou or Puli camps and we went to Carrefour (Costco) to buy candy, prizes, and materials we needed to teach the kids in Puli. After all the shopping we drove to Puli and immediately felt it get hotter. We joined our groups and started to set up for camp and clean the classrooms. Inside the classrooms were numerous amounts of dead ants, flies, and cockroaches. After cleaning we all sat together to eat dinner. Shortly after dinner we began to move boxes and desks around to different rooms throughout the school. With no air conditioning and hotter weather energy was very low, and it was easy to tell during our bible study type meeting with all the teachers of the camp, but when worship came the aborigines immediately started to dance and form circles, and they even got us to make a big circle and dance. After the long day the we were driven to a very nice villa to stay at. Again no air conditioning but we’re all thankful for a nice place to sleep at. We’ve already killed two cockroaches and there are tons of other bugs, especially ants. And now we’re resting up preparing for tomorrow. I feel very energetic when I’m with my team here in Puli, and I feel like that our language barrier isn’t even there. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Some prayer requests as the first day of camp is approaching.
1. Please pray that when the kids come they will have an open heart for learning and having fun.
2. Health among the kids and teachers.
3. Rest
4. Weather
5. Bugs

Thank you all for the prayer support. We all appreciate how supportive you guys are.

Sincerely, Tim Chuang

Taiwan Update #3: July 2, 2011

Hi Canaan,

This is Terrance Chang. It’s the third day of training so far here at Nantou, and it is definitely not easy. However, I feel that we are all getting adjusted to Taiwan, meaning the heat, the bugs, and the squatty potties. We have bonded with our respective teams, and I feel we will be able to work very in sync with each other at the camps. Tomorrow, we leave for Puli, which will be a totally new area for us to adjust to. I ask that you all pray for us that we will be able to connect with the kids and befriend them, and also that we will be able to spread the Gospel to them. Also, pray for our health that none of us fall ill to sickness and that we will be energized throughout the camp.

Thanks Canaan!
Sincerely, Terrance

P.S: These songs here are EXTREMELY difficult…but fun nonetheless

* * *


Joan Chang would like to know if 1 or 2 students need a rental space at her mom’s home in San Francisco. Female students in graduate or professional school are preferred. Joan writes: “Our apartment is located in a very nice residential area. We are very conveniently located one block from the MUNI line and various bus lines, a few blocks from beautiful Golden Gate Park, within walking distance of UCSF Medical Center, several libraries, cafes, restaurants, and excellent shopping. The apartment itself is elegantly furnished, heated, well-lighted, and has 1.5 bedrooms with one bath, a spacious living room, and a lovely dining room, with a rent that is very reasonable for students. We enjoy a stunning view of the ocean and nearby hills. My Mom is a very kind and welcoming person and is a great housemate. Please [email me]  if you or anyone you know is interested in this apartment. Thanks!”

CAN YOU LEND US YOUR SLEEPING BAGS FOR A WEEKEND?Northeast Taiwan Mission Church is sending a group of teenagers to visit the U.S. They will stay at Canaan on July 22-24, 2011. EM has been asked to help out and provide 30 sleeping bags. Sign up at this link: [] Please bring your sleeping bags this Sunday or next Sunday (July 17). Please also label your sleeping bags so that we know who to return them to. For more information email William Effendy [email William].

WORSHIP IS THE SERVICE OF GOD’S PEOPLE! We need readers, greeters, and MC’s for July and August. Please sign up at:

1. The Summer Missions Team. They’ve arrived in Taiwan and will begin their program shortly.
2. VBS. They need 3 more crew leaders, 2 more station assistants, and 3 more miscellaneous helpers.


About Tim Tseng, Ph.D.

I am Pacific Area Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministries. I'm also a historian, theological educator, and pastor.


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