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Sermon Summary: Love Can Wait (Mar 6, 2016)

Last Sunday’s Sermon Summary

Love Can Wait (Luke 15)

Pastor Tim Tseng – March 6, 2016

Main Point: Resting in and receiving God’s patient, unconditional, embracing love is the foundation for our faith. 

  1. Stories of Impatience.
    When the old man in the car in front of me drives slowly, I mutter and get impatient. When my nephew took forever to eat breakfasting put on his shoes last summer, everyone lost patience. When we are too impatient, we hurt our ability to grow in Christ. That’s because we get used to  prioritizing our self more than our community, our church, and God. As we make ourselves more important than others, we take a dangerous step towards intolerance. When we look at Jesus’ story in Luke 15, commonly known as the parable of the Prodigal Son, we see a number of impatient attitudes..
    The Pharisees and teachers of the law (verses 1-2)
    “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” The Pharisees and teachers of the law criticized Jesus for welcoming and eating with sinners. “Didn’t Jesus know that a good Jew should not associate with sinners?” They were Impatient with Jesus’ un-Jewish-like behavior.
    The Lost (Prodigal) Son (verses 11-13)
    Impatient with waiting for his inheritance, the younger brother demanded his share in advance, left home, squandered it all, and returned.
    The Older Brother (verse 25-32)
    The older brother who stayed home and obeyed his dad was inpatient with his father’s desire to celebrate the home coming of the younger brother. “It’s not fair that the younger son, who was disobedient, is treated so well – even better than me!
  2. An Unusual Dad: The Father’s Love
    Unlike most earthly dads, the father that Jesus described ignored the self-serving impatience of his two sons. Instead he actively waited for his son to come home and ran to embrace his son. This story illustrates God’s unfathomable love for us. Nothing we do, good or bad, will stop God from loving us.
  3. Our response.
    a. Know that we are
    beloved. Simply receive that love!
    b. Recognize our
    brokenness. If the younger son did not acknowledge the mess he made of himself, he would never have returned to his dad. Similarly, we cannot truly experience God’s love unless we confess our brokenness and need of God.
    c. Rejoice in our
    blessings. God wants us to experience the joy of being blessed by him, even if we feel like (or have older brothers) who don’t think we deserve it.

About Tim Tseng, Ph.D.

I am Pacific Area Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministries. I'm also a historian, theological educator, and pastor.


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