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Pastor Tim’s Charge to Promoted and Graduating Students

Pastor Tim’s Charge to Promoted and Graduating Students • June 4, 2017

—> To our 6th graders:
You may be physically smaller than everyone else in Everglow and our worship service, but you are growing. That’s awesome and awk-ward. Relish these moments to grow. And as 7th graders, I encourage you to love and encourage the new ones joining us because you walked in their shoes this past year.

—> To our 8th graders
We celebrate this short time when life felt like a crazy, mixed up time of emotional and physical growth. Some of you may have grown six to seven inches! Thanks for being vulnerable and being leaders. You are now entering a new chapter where you’ll once again be the young ones (that’s good)! We promise to pray for and walk with you as you continue to grow in faith, with your families, and with deep friendships with each other.

—> To our High School graduates (Annabelle, Alina, Darrell, Stephanie):
It has been a wonderful time, hasn’t it? We’ve all watched you transform into young adults. As you prepare for college life, make new friends! But we promise to always be available if you want someone to talk to. Most importantly, I encourage you to explore your faith more deeply. Be unafraid to ask the tough questions, but also surround yourselves with faithful and mature Christians throughout your college years.

—> To our College graduates (Monica, Erika, Cindy, Amy, and Kimberly):
Welcome back to our worship service! At last, it is time to move into full-blow adulthood! This will be a time where you’ll face feelings of uncertainty and excitement. You’ll both be very busy, yet have more control of your time than any other time in your lives. You’ll have so much freedom to make choices and discover that too many choices also robs you of real freedom. Which ever church you finally choose to be part of (hopefully Canaan), I pray that you’ll choose to build up others and not just look to receive. In the end – and this is most important – we encourage you to always consider Christ first in all your choices.


About Tim Tseng, Ph.D.

I am Pacific Area Director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Graduate and Faculty Ministries. I'm also a historian, theological educator, and pastor.


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